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Educational Technology: progress, challenges, and trends for 2022


December 9, 2021

Educational Technology: progress and challenges.

The introduction of technology in education has been a process that has gone far beyond the mere use of technological tools to create an educational environment. It is understood that through the introduction of technology in education, didactic constructions and meaningful learning are developed and fostered.

Technology has undergone such a transformation that it has becomenan instrument to improve students’ educational quality. It has revolutionized the way information is obtained, managed and interpreted. Students today use technological tools to ease their learning. This technological revolution in education arose from using the calculator, recorder, and television, among others, to the tools we use these days. However, progress has been such that technological resources have become educational ones. The search to improve learning has brought with it the task of blending technology with education, and it is with teaching that it complements the teaching-learning process. Using technology supposes doing away with traditional media, blackboards, chalk, or the sort; to let teachers teach using updated methodologies that meet students’ needs.

As a relevant aspect in human beings’ lives, education has developed a new learning environment where students can become the protagonist of their learning. In such an environment, time and flexibility play an essential role in an education that virtualizes more than ever. The virtual has now become a revolution in education. As a result, new technologies converge in proposing new educational and pedagogical paradigms.

Educational technology

Teachers’ work is crucial to overcoming the new modernity’s challenges. Teachers are no longer solely focused on teaching but on taking a student’s role when learning to incorporate technology in the classroom. Teachers are moving away from traditional methodologies to support the implementation of active ones. In so doing, students develop cognitive skills that allow them to become world citizens and agents of change.


Educational technology goes hand in hand with concepts such as flexibility and effectiveness that, when merged, have managed to implement a blended model. This educational model can be implemented in a traditional or digital classroom, proving learning in each case. In addition, this model creates meaningful experiences in both the student and the teacher, developing people who can acquire knowledge and generate it.

What is next for 2022?

Throughout this blog, we have discussed the impact of technology on education. Consequently, it is inevitable not to think about the changes for the following year. 2022 will be a year when thousands of schools will already have applied a blended approach; others will have gone for a fully digital one; but regardless of the scenario, we are sure that educational technology will be present through the following concepts:

• STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. These are the areas through which, following the STEAM approach, students acquire skills for analyzing and problem-solving.

• Video content: With e-learning present, there is no better ally for students to ease their learning than the content presented through video.

• Learning analytics: It is another concept that will continue to gain strength; remember that “what can be measured, can be improved.” The recollection, analysis, and reporting of data on students’ performance are crucial to better understanding each student’s development to optimize their learning.

• Social learning: Present in many pedagogical methodologies with ideas such as Flipped Classroom. It seeks to promote educational experiences based on collaboration and cooperation.

Richmond Solution educational technology

As we can see, there is no going back. Technology is here to stay, and it is no longer an additional resource. On the contrary, it has become a critical factor in the educational process. Therefore, the present and future of education depend primarily on it.

How do you use technology in your classes? What do you think of the forms through which it will manifest next year? Do you have any other concept that should appear on this list?

Leave us your comments; we want to hear from you!

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