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Academic Coaching in Richmond Solution

Written by

Andrés Guerrero


April 4, 2022


Academic Coaching in Richmond Solution has become a key aspect of providing schools with comprehensive solutions to improve their English language programs. In this regard, academic coaching has evolved from merely supporting teachers through talks or workshops, training on how to use textbooks or training in digital tools, to a more holistic process that seeks to understand schools and needs and goals concerning their English language programs. With that information, our academic team, along with school administrators, creates a comprehensive plan to positively impact students’ English language learning process in the short and long terms.

The academic coaching activity begins when coaches meet with school administrators and teachers to carry out a diagnostic exercise of the school’s English program. The objective is to understand the school’s goals and determine how close or far the school is from achieving them. Once that process has taken place, teachers, school administrators, and the academic coach create a plan based on the findings of the diagnostic process. Doing this includes, in many cases, an update of the English curriculum, training teachers in critical areas to enhance their teaching, incorporating assessment tools, such as the Richmond Learning Platform (RLP), to measure students’ progress, among other actions periodically. Our team has meetings with school administrators and staff every two months to evaluate how the process is going. We analyze data from various sources and tools to adjust or continue implementing the strategic plan set at the beginning of the school year.

Richmond Solution Academic Coaching blog

Additionally, we’ve developed the Richmond Solution Progress Index to measure the results and impact of Richmond Solution on the school’s English program on an annual basis. This index is a statistical measure that summarizes how the school is advancing in aspects such as the use of the Richmond Learning Platform, myON, the results in English language international examinations and the curriculum update, among other aspects. 


Richmond Solution Progress Index

Richmond Solution provides schools with a comprehensive coaching process that aims at helping schools offer students the best English program possible. We do this by helping you in having a well-prepared teaching staff, an up-to-date curriculum, the best digital and print resources, and a continuous evaluation process to ensure consistent results in the short and long terms.

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