Richmond Learning Platform
  • Revisa y valida los materiales contratados con Richmond Solution.
  • Gestiona el censo de tus alumnos Richmond Solution. Altas y bajas.
Pago papás
  • Sistema de pagos para padres de familia Richmond Solution.

A solution that gives proof of learning

60 years transforming education

Santillana has been supporting education in Latin America for sixty years. We stand out from the competition because of the innovation and high standards of all our products and resources. One of the areas where we excel is language teaching; Richmond has been bringing its teaching systems to the diverse classrooms of Latin America since 1992.

What is Richmond Solution?

A flexible system that supports English programs

Support for educational institutions
Our solution allows students to work asynchronously and off or online – anywhere, any time. Whether you are looking for 100% digital, blended, or print, our teaching and learning solutions always address the academic objectives of the school.

Richmond Solution School International Community

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